SEO & Social Media Explained

“There are three things Google is looking for when it looks at the website and evaluates it. The first one is: can it navigate your site? The second one is content and is it relevant? The third is social. What Burberry recognises is the need for really good content across all the significant digital and social channels – content that people want to share and distribute,” said Lister.

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SEO & Social Media Process

Step One: Define your Business Objectives

Step Two: Research both yours and your competitors Local, Organic and Social Media presence

Step Three: Create a Measurement plan

Step Four: Create overall Implementation plan

Step Five:  Implement plan!  These step are cyclic….. Although your Busness Objectives will probably be fixed.

Good SEO is achieving, through digital strategy, a blend between SEO and social. A very good current example of getting the balance right is that of the fashion giant Burberry.

Type your brand into - Google you should aim to get a list of links for your company that will ease your customers journey.  The Google results page should present with not only your site but your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels not to mention the whole raft of other social platforms you interact with.

Google is looking for three key elements in regards to any organisations online presence, in order to decide whether to present that site/social profile to the searcher.

  1. Is your site easy to navigate?
  2. Is the content relevant?
  3. Is the organisation connected to the site active and interacting with customers?